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About The Joy Movement

We are co-creating a Global Joy Movement!

We inspire people around the world to step-up, continue to be human and KIND and spread loVe & joy.

The Joy Movement is a Not for Profit Organisation 122-357 NPO, founded in 2003 – currently still operating as – The UPliftment Programme. We train folks to live joyful, service oriented lives, and they in turn commit to bringing UPliftment and extra care to sick & traumatised children (and special needs and elderly) in communities, homes & hospitals.

These joy inspiring visits support the well-being & recuperation of those most in need. For 14 years The Joy Movement has been actively building, sharing and inspiring joy… (We say we share joy, we care clown, we bring laughter, play, and our loving kindness – jest for the fun of it – that’s the movement of JOY), WE are all joy catalysts creating healthier happier humanKIND.

Currently we are engaging schools and adults and we train them to be the source of love and joy in the world. Together between Johannesburg, Cape Town and Plettenberg Bay – we bringing joy, love and emotional UPlifment to over 200 children every month and pretty soon our training will be available internationally – online.

Nowadays our joy catalysts range from school going children to adults, some are even pensioners. We inspire & train  all who’re keen to join our joy family and share their hearts and creativity…

We even offer joy to corporations and you can book a joy-speaker/facilitator/catalyst for their next team build, strategy session or corporate event. You can also join The Joy Movement and support any of our annual community events around South Africa and take part in our global campaigns – aimed at sustaining our kindness and spreading joy, peace and love.