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Joyful Schools

Joyful Schools

The Upliftment Programme is collaborating and partnering with individuals, organisations and corporates aligned with the vision of creating more harmonious school environments for high school pupils.

Become a Joy Catalyst in our “Joy Clubs” in schools
Our facilitators are trained to support teachers to uplift and inspire adolescents and in a positive way guide them, by using cooperative games, fun and play in order to create a more harmonious learning environment. Furthermore we have facilitators who are keen to roll out Care clowning as an “in-house” school programme.

The vision of the Joyful schools campaign is to establish Joy Clubs for learners that want to proactively become Joy Catalysts – to be role models for positive change and activists of the heart. They will become Joy catalysts, performing acts of humankind in their school, community and the world.

(Here is documented case study, on the positive use of play as an educational strategy in conflict resolution)

Poverty, crime, drug abuse and gang related behaviours are proactively reduced with more focus on values based personal development and emotional wellness programmes that enhance positive aspects of our human nature and purposeful existance – to be loving, kind, thoughtful, honest, caring, compassionate, respectful and considerate.


The Up plans to roll out Care Clowning in a further 5 schools and with future plans to inspire learners to create ‘Whats UP” Social Clubs that are Hip and Happy-ning / Proactively engaged in building unity in community, healthy, happy empowered citizens

Also see our “#Hula4Love – Circle of Love” JOY Campaign (hyperlink)that is encouraging youth of all ages to have fun – hula-hoop and become fit, healthy and happy.